Friday, 22 June 2012

Learning something new (embroidery!) with vintage things + a Moleskine page

[Too much things in this post to find a shorter title! Gosh! :P]
It's summer, it's so hot outdoor and at home (30-35° C during the day), life is exploding and I'm a happy girl :)
I love summer!
I don't care if I sweat too much or similar things; I like the sun and I'm that kind of person who have much more energy in summer than in (letargic) winter.
Here in my new home in Sicily we can stay outdoor after dinner and enjoy a lovely fresh air coming from the hills: it restores you after a hot day.
I like to sit on the balcony or out of the kitchen to breath this fresh air and make things: I often read or I finish some handmade projects.
This summer I have a new project to work on during fresh sicilian nights and it has been inspired by mum and AuntFran. It's a new things for me: it's an embroidery project! :)
During my last visit at home, AuntFran recycled for me an old linen curtain she made 25-30 years ago for my grandma (her mum). I remember that lovely curtain, because I slept in my grandma's bedroom for years, till her death.
Well, the curtain was damaged and AuntFran saved for me a part in good conditions and made a little tablecloth (for breakfast or for when my friends com to have coffee with me in the afternoon).
Mum suggested to decorate it with embroidery and gave me some patterns she bought (together with embroidery magazines) when I was a baby.
They have lovely drawings to transfer on fabric with your iron. So yesterday I finally cut some drawings I like and transfered them on my linen tablecloth.
I'm going to start to embroider tonight!
I have some colorful threads (high quality) mum gave me. I hope to use them wisely and make a good work :)
If you want to see what kind of drawings I'm going to embroider... take a look: I glued them (after use) to a page in my Moleskine journal...
... and decorated the page with some writing:

Butterflies, rabbits and birds... I can change myself :)
Probably AuntFran had something different in her mind when she gave me the table cloth (romantic flowers or fruits/vegetables), but it's MY project, right?
I hope to show you the finished tablecloth soon!
Would you like an iced coffee with me? We'll have it leaning our glasses on a recycled-handmade-new-vintage tablecloth! :P


  1. Lovely and charming designs. :)

    linen table

  2. Oh how fun that you will have an embroidery project, yay! I looove iced coffee! Thanks.


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