Sunday, 24 June 2012

Summer is... country life!

This is a 100% summer post! :)
Yesterday I decided to reach S. in the country, where he grows (in the free time from his 'real' job) oranges and lemons trees (150 trees). Sicily! :)
I spent a perfect saturday afternoon, enjoying nature, helping S. and doing a lot of funny things.

We cooked delicious things for dinners, like roasted peppers...

... and grilled eggplant's rounds:

I had the time to sit in the shadow of the big mulberry tree and work on my embroidery project:

Late in the afternoon some workmen (friends) came with their harvester to mow broad beans in our fields: the dust made a nice contrast with the sunset's light and we ended the day with a evocative country sight:

This is summer for me: fresh and tasty vegetable to cook, nature, doing outdoor thing you usually do inside, some wild life in the country.
What is summer for you?

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