Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Summer is... preserving food (part 1)

Let's go on with "summer is..." series in this blog! :)
One of my favourite things of this season is working on conserves and other ways to preserve fruits and vegetables for future days.
I usually make pesto from basil grown by me or family/friends, dry some mediterranean spices (like rosemary, oregano, sage...), cook all kinds of jam when we have abundance of fruit (and it often happens) and so on.
Although these activities are a bit time-consuming and laborious I really like them, particularly for two reasons: it's a way to save money + you know what you eat.
It's enough for me! :)

Last sunday I made my first 4 jars of jam of 2012 summer: apricot jam!

We received kilograms of ripe apricots as a gift: sweet and delicious fruits grown up here in my little town. I used 1,5 Kg to make jam. Yummy! Perfect for autumn and winter breakfasts!

In the first days of June S. picked up for me some rosemary and sage in his garden. We dried them into paper bags for two weeks and then chopped with our blender and saved in glass jars.

I'm going to make pesto tonight, too! Our basil is exploding :)

Please, share with me your habits about preserving summer fruits and vegetables (and herbs, too)!
And, if you are interested in this subject, here you can find my previous posts on preserving food and DIY in the kitchen:

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