Sunday, 10 June 2012

The poppy skirt

I finshed my poppy skirt two weeks ago, but I haven't taken photos till today!
Photographing myself wearing clothes is so difficult to me!
And not-worn clothes don't look great, do you agree?
Anyway, today I finally got some photos to show you.
They are not masterpieces, but I think they are enough good to realize how the poppy skirt is!

What do you think?
This is my first me-made skirt and I'm a proud woman :)
I really like the fabric. It's totally in my style, because there are my beloved poppies and a lot of colors I love, like mint green and dove-color (I like this tone so much that I bought those flip-flop last friday).
Probably you'll remember I purchased it for only 2 € at our outdoor market, like all the other fabrics I'm using this spring/summer to make clothes.

I self-drafted it, measuring myself and drawing a pattern on paper.
I was so scared to make mistakes (yes, that fear again!) that I decided for a super easy design: A-line, no zipper, no darts, only a strong elastic as waistband!
But where I finished the skirt looked a bit impersonal, so I added a rouche (not perfectly done, but it's not important).

To make the skirt I tested a new (to me) kind of elastic, suggested by Mrs. Nella, the woman who runs the shop where I buy almost all my sewing supplies.
It's this one:

Fixing it to the fabric is so easy that I want to sew all my future skirts using it! (But I'm sure I'll try something different to challenge myself)

I think I'll wear a lot my poppy skirt this summer. Hot weather finally came here in Sicily and we need light clothes like this!


  1. Bella! =)
    un abbraccio

  2. Oh I can see why you fell for this fabric! (I love poppies too by the way!) The little bit at the bottom - a perfect addition - perfect.

    Very cute skirt and i am sure one you will wear often - wearing it just can't help but make you day go better!


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