Monday, 9 April 2012

A preview of my new top

Before entering my new top in "Spring sew-a-long 2012" competition, I want to share it with you.
As you can see in the photos, it's a super simple model, ideal for a beginner, but very satisfying if I consider how it fits well on my not so perfect and "abundant" body. This was my first time with knitted fabrics and I had no problems with it! Happy me!
And the most important thing about this top is that I reached a goal with it: I won my fear!

This is me wearing it in our bedroom:

And here I was wearing it in our super windy&sunny balcony (colors altered a bit):

A detail of the sleeve:

When I'll take a good photo of it, I'll submit it in the Flickr pool of the competion and I'll write a post with detailed informations (fabric, pattern, etc).
I hope all these posts about my new "top mania" isn't annoying you, because I have a second top to write about! :P

It's made of a wihite knitted fabric with blue, red and azure stripes. Probably it has an 80s style. Or nautical? Uhm, you will judge.

I probably have no chances to win the "spring top sew-a-long" competition, because a lot of skilled dressmakers are contributing with their lovely and complex tops. But, hey, it's just for fun! :)

Please, be honest with me and write a comment about this top. Do you like it? What do you think about the fabric?


  1. Wow ! Super lovely top !!!!!

  2. Wonderful!!
    Sei bravissima!!!

  3. che bella!!! e ti sta proprio bene!
    bella anche la stoffa!

  4. Bella, ti sta perfetta :D

  5. i like the colour & the floral pattern of the fabric, it also looks soft & the sleeve design suits this fabric. you have done well, it fits perfectly!

  6. the fabric looks soft & light, nice print,& colour. i like the sleeves. good fit too, looks great on.


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