Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yellow Easter

Around Easter a lot of yellow surrounded us.
A big bunch of wild yellow flowers entered in our home.

S. picked up them for me in a wild green area near us and I placed it on the windowsill of the livingroom. I love white+yellow, it's so bright!

The day after Easter is an important feast here in Italy. We called this day "lunedì dell'angelo" (monday of the angel) or simply "Pasquetta" (little Easter).
We use to go for trips in the nature.
S. and I went to visit a couple of special friends who have a lovely wooden house in the country. We enjoyed nature and this landscape of Mount Etna (covered by snow!) and yellow fields:

Yellow is everywhere! Probably it is the color of this season?


  1. Whew! My friend! i can't keep up with you!

    I love the feeling in your images here of the yellow flowers set against white! Like you i love these colors together - especially with a bit of blue added.

    Etna? Didn't Etna just erupt?

    Your new top is quite pretty, Silvia. I really like the fabric and the style. Very nicely done.

  2. Yes, Etna erupted some days ago!
    But no conseguences! Normal (but amazing!) activity.

  3. Yellow is always super, not only for Easter. Beautiful flowers!


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