Monday, 2 April 2012

The outdoor market is the right place to buy fabrics :)

Some days ago I came back to the local outdoor market to buy something I need for my home. But, honestly, I was thinking about the stand with a lot of cheap fabrics I visited last december and, of course, I looked for it!
It was there, covered by a heap of light fabrics with lovely patterns.
Happy me!
I bought some pieces for 2 € each; and the buyer applied a little discount, too.
So I bought a large quantity of beautiful fabrics for a ridiculously low price.

At home I took this photo of them:

My favourite are on the left column: the grey and red (with flowers similar to my beloved poppies), beige with white polka dots and blue with stylized flowers. I also like the pink/burgundy one with geometric pattern on the right.
Some of them are knitted fabric, some are similar to silk.

I washed and hung out them to dry.

I think you can clearly see that all these clothes are very light and a bit transparent. But it's not a problem.

I've already started to use one of them, the blue one.
And guess what I'm sewing? A t-shirt! :)
Yes, I'm jumping over my fear!

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