Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Buttons and origami

Buttons are an irresistible temptation for all sewing lovers.
We have boxes full of all sorts of buttons, but (in our mind) they aren't enough! They look like sweet coloured candies and we are attracted by their variety of shapes, materials, tones.
Do you understand me? Yes, you do :)

So, when I saw Flavia's new shop, filled with a great selection of vintage buttons, well, I had to submit on order.
I bought:
- these adorable flowers in mint
- a lot of bright yellow buttons in different dimensions
- elegant gold+pink round shaped buttons
Do you like it? I'm particularly in love with the flowers!

I received them last friday. And I was so happy for the buttons, of course! They were even more beautiful than in the photos.
But the packaging astonished me! It was amazing!

In the bubble envelope I found five adorable paper boxes, folded by Flavia according to origami tecnique. One was decorated by a purple ribbon, the others were into two lovely organza bags. Flavia also wrote a thank you message on a little card with a little button handsewn on it.
A lot of love and care in this envelope!

Look the boxes a little closer; they open in this way:

Isn't it a clever and super cute idea?
I love it!

Flavia added to my order some buttons ad a gift. She divined my tastes and gave me some buttons in one of my favourite color: purple.
I'm 100% satisfied with my shopping experience in Flavia's shop.
If you need some buttons, please, consider her shop as a good place to buy!


  1. WoW! Thank you so much!!!!! I am very happy you liked my buttons and packaging! :D

  2. oooh supercute packaging, now i want to buy them too :)))

  3. ...That's the best packaging I've ever seen!


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