Saturday, 31 March 2012


This March has been a very intense month. Not for my blog (only 8 posts, this one included), but for my "real" life. I'm going to write a list, so you will understand why I have been so far from the blog.

In March:
- a lovely little baby was born, the son of two friends. And they gave him the name of my fiancè :)
- 20 friends/relatives celebrated their birthday. The count includes dad, my two best friends of the north and my two best friends of the south! Funny! And of course we spent some time together, in person or via skype.
- our beloved niece graduated! We are so proud of her!!!
- I read and corrected her graduation thesis about a famous italian writer, Italo Svevo. A long and difficult work, but so interesting!
- a typhoon struck eastern Sicily, where we live, on saturday 10. We stayed at home all day, without web connection and without cellphones. It was scary, but we hadn't damages. I haven't seen something similar before!
- the day after the typhoon we spent the whole day cleaning the exterior parts of the house, covered by the red sand of Sahara, brought us by the intense wind during the typhoon.
- S. and I chose some furnishing for our house (bathrooms). I can't wait to see how they will look in the rooms!
- S. and I decided for solar panels and other ecological energy sources in our home (we live in the super sunny Sicily!) and spent a lot of time with the techincians for the project and the budget.
- We also bought an expensive (but so usefull and, oh, cute!!!) kitchen robot
- Weather became warm and I started to add some exercise to my daily routine; fast walking in the sun is one of my favourite things
- Illness in our home struck again. High temperatures, sore throat and cough stayed with us for long time -__-
- I had some moments to study and make something creative, aniway. My favourite projects of this month are Mr Buh, the blue bag and the recycled notebook.

April (my month!) is coming :)
Are you ready?

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