Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter came in my home :)

Easter is coming.
It's not so far!
(don't ask me why the time between Christmas and Easter ran so quickly!)

Though in Italy Easter is mainly a religious feast (concerning long and complex celebrations at church, processions, etc.), recently shops started to sell a lot of beautiful items about another aspect of Easter, the celebration of spring and new life. And this is probably something we are taking from north-european and american traditions.
Rabbits, little birds, flowers, eggs, chicks and hens are everywhere! :)

Today I brought home a simple Easter decoration of this kind. I couldn't resist.
I purchased these two eggcups (one for me and one for S.). Adorable cocks! *__*

I like the simple and stylized design, the light colors and the not-too-modern/not-too-country decoration!
They are not high quality products, they are not handmade or vintage treasures.
But they are so lovely for me!

Oh, and thank you so much for appreciating my recycled notebook! Your enthusiasm made me plan to realize some other exemplars and to use this one for art immediatly!


  1. Le gallinelle *___* che belle!

    1. sarebbero galletti :)
      hanno la cresta e il bargiglio.
      però sono contenta che ti piacciano! :D

  2. I would not have been able to resist either! I love your new egg cups.


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