Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A recycled notebook made of...

... bread bags! :)
I've already said that I'm becoming a "crazy recycler". And I have a firm purpose to go on! :P
Today I made a little notebook using some bread bags we had at home, together with a cereal box and a fabric scrap.
Probably you know that in Italy we eat a lot of yummy bread; we can't eat without bread!
S. and I buy it almost everyday and so we have at home a lot of brown paper bags where bakers put bread. And also some greengrocers use similar bags, smaller but stronger.
Some days ago I decided to make something with them.
And I made a notebook :)

I documented the whole (super simple) process with photos.

I picked up some bags in different tones and decorated by lovely drawings and words:

Then I cutted them in rectangles (cm 21x13). I saved all the parts with prints and letters, because my purpose was to have those simple (but cute!) designs in my notebook. I cutted also a part of a cereals box to make a strong cover:

Time to fold all the rectangles in two:

The sewing machine is the right tool to fix fabric to the cover (zigzag stitches); I used a green fabric I really like (expecially for slippers):

My sewing machine is strong and I can use it to bind the notebook:

TA-DAA! A little recycled notebook is ready to be filled!

I'm not sure how I will use it.
I'm still writing on my old pocket moleskine (a few white pages remain); my project was to go on writing my thoughts on the Little Prince moleskine I bought last year in may! Uhm, I can't wait to use this one, so probably the little recycled notebook will be used for something else. It can become a little art journal, why not? I can experiment with (scary!) collages in small scale (ideal for me).

A little detail of the inside of the cover:

I couldn't resist to sign it with some of my handcarved stamps :)

I like this notebook, because:
- it's recycled
- it has a lot of different tones of brown inside (and some white)
- the fabric cover is so soft!


  1. WOW!!! Madame, it looks great!!!!!
    Beautiful work, well done!

  2. Fantastic idea!!
    I love the result, well done Silvia! :)

  3. Bellissimo, l'ho sharato sulla mia pagina facebook! :)

  4. What a wonderful idea! Thank you! Brava!

  5. looks good....perhaps you could show us your collage when you put it in your note book?

  6. Using the sewing machine for creating books, zines or art journal is really a genius idea!!!

  7. Thank you girls! :)
    I'm so happy you liked the idea!!!

    Raylee... oh, yes!

    Elettrarossa... I often use sewing machine to bind (I started with my old zine) or to sewing paper. It's so easy!

  8. ...Well, it's a great intuition :D

  9. Yes! Definitely bellissimo! And very cool! Love it, love it, love it! And how simple the process!

    I have an idea for it's use to share. I have a little handmade note book given to me by a friend last year and I have the perfect use for it. I keep it in my bag so it is always with me. I have a page for circular knitting needles, double points and straights, crochet hooks by size, perle cotton, embroidery floss, crewel yarn... lists of every size of needle, hook, or color of embroidery yarn i have in my stash. Then when I am out shopping and I find some of these kinds of things on sale, I have a record at my fingertips of what I already have so i know what i need!

    Just a thought, but it has been very handy for me.

  10. Grande Silvia! E' una bellissima idea!!


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