Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Two new (to me) zines by Aijung Kim

Last week I received a lovely envelope from USA; inside I found two zines I've ordered from Sprouthead, a lovely Etsy shop managed by Aijung Kim.

Both lovely, well printed on strong paper, full of author's poetic style.

My favourite is "We carry each other", an illustrated poem about love and reciprocity. Though I'm not an ardent reader of poetry (I like best novels) and reading it in a language different from italian is difficult for me, I really appreciated the message of the poem.
But most of all I felt in love with drawings... so sensitiv, connected with the words, strong in their deep black, rich in their meaning!
This is my favourite page:

I also like Aijung Kim's attention for little details, as you can see (to make only one example) here:

"Minutiae n. 1" is a bit different, being a sort of visual diary of some summer days in Portland. I've read "Minutiae n. 2" last november and they are similar.
Reading them, you can take a peek into another life, another sensibility and a different way of watching life. Nothing too much serious or important, but inspiring :)
Look at this page, isn't it lovely?

Together with the zines I received a little gift, a card with some drawings of... faux postage stamps!!! *__*
You know how I love to draw little stamps (and how I've become a bit obsessed). This card made me jump for a happy surprise, it's a great gift for me! :)

And I'm so lucky that the real stamps on the envelope aren't stamped, so I can remove them to collect them somewhere, probably in my moleskine.

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  1. hi silvia!

    thank you for the lovely review of my zines! and i am happy that you like the faux stamps too - you can cut them up and paste them to envelopes if you want.

    i also checked out your etsy shop and i love your sewing creations - very beautiful. your blog is fun to read!

    take care,


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