Friday, 23 December 2011

"The power of craft compels you"... a zine by Jen Williams

I'm writing from my parents' pc; I'm at home for the holidays!
Though I feel like my home is in the south now, near S., I still consider this one in the north my home. I have two places in the world I consider "home"... isn't it great? :)
Well, I arrived yesterday and I found here a lot of lovely things I want to show you soon. The first one is a zine I ordered some weeks ago. It has a great title "The power of craft compels you!".

This zine has been made by Jen in 24 hours, an interesting creative action and challenge, I think! It is about her passion for all kind of craft activities. If you are a passionate crafter, you will sure see yourself in Jen's words!
Read for example this passage: "It's not secret that I am completely craft obsessed. It's pretty much all I do in my free time. DIY anything is my most favorite thing and what makes me happy and keeps me sane".
Uhm, oh, I understand :)

I love this page about sewing (with a probably vintage illustration), of course:

And the following page, too, when Jen writes about how her mother taught her to sew.

This zine is lovely, as the other three zines by Jen I've purchased and read in the past (Handmaiden n.1 and 2 and Simple Pleasures).
In Jen's shop you can find also lovely crocheted creatures like this funny octopus.

And if you're thinking I'm a bit obsessed by reading zines (two consecutive posts about zines, I know!)... consider that I've ordered also three zines I hope to receive for the holidays! :)

There is a lovely rabbit stickers on the envelope, saying "Hi!" :)

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  1. Ritrovata! Grazie per il messaggio e mille auguri di serene feste :)


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