Saturday, 24 December 2011

The perfect project for Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve ... if you have some free time like me, you can make this lovely paper angels. They are simply perfect for today! :)
I downloaded and printed them from Margit's blog, who published them for free together with a lot of other paper projects for every season!
All you have to do is: print, cut, glue! And you angel is done! :)

Thank you Pam for suggesting me to take a glance in this blog; mum and I will surely have a lot of fun together during the holidays with this craft activity. Mum has already made a nativity scene. I want to make the sheeps, too, and the three wis men, my favourite nativity's charachters.

My idea is to make a little hole in their nimbus and use them as ornaments for my (future) Christmas tree. But now they are giving an unusual look to my bedroom's windows.

I heartily recommend you to surf through Margit's blog and choose a project or two to try. All the drawings have written instructions, both in danish and english.
You can find not only ornaments, but also baskets for your gifts. And some projects are in differents sizes.


  1. Oh Silvia! You have made my heart extra happy today - Christmas Eve - with this post showing your beautiful angels made using Margit's designs! She has indeed out done herself with all she has shared during the season.

    Knowing that two of my favorite people have connected through my blog brings a smile to my face this morning!

    I have downloaded all her Christmas baskets to make over the next couple weeks and I have the blue angle actually sitting on top of my Miniature tree already!

    You photo of the angels sitting on the window sill is so beautiful. You are an artist in every thing you do.

    I wish you a happy, happy holiday at home with your family.

  2. sono carinissimi! Buon Natale!


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