Saturday, 3 December 2011

New books in my wishlist

I love books and my wishlist is always full.
Though I have less time to read now that I live here with S. (and I have to solve this problem soon, because I really miss my reading routine), I always need to buy books. Probably I'll make myself a gift for Christmas, why not?
These are books I'm in love with now; they are books about creativity and sewing.

- The fabric selector, by Dana Willard

- Raw Art journaling, by Quinn McDonald

- Regina's closet, by Diana Raab

- Sewing bits and pieces, by Sandi Henderson

Well, in my mind there are some good novels, too, but I'm looking for them in the library.

Have a good weekend, dear readers!
In my plans for saturday and sunday there are... a lunch with a couple of friends, an elegant birthday party, some sewing, washing and ironing some new fabrics I bought yesterday.
And you?
Any suggestions about lovely crafty books to read?

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