Monday, 5 December 2011

Big fabric clothes for only 50 cents! °__°

Last friday I went to our local market to buy some vegetables.
We have a big outdoor market, with stands of clothes, home accessories, fruit and vegetables, cheese, cheap toys, cosmetics and other useful things.
A small part of the market is dedicated to fabrics, sewing accessories, wool, crochet hooks, etc. I noticed a lot of women around a big stand of fabric pieces and (of course!) I moved closer: there was a big offer and all the pre-cut clothes on the stand cost only 50 cents of euro!
50 cents!
Oh, what an incredible offer!

I bought 5 pieces! I stopped at 5 only because most of them had ugly (for my taste) patterns and colors.

Look my plunder :)

They are jersey fabrics (probably called also "knitted fabrics") in different sizes, but big. So big that I surely can make at least two t-shirts from all of them.
Four are for me, one (the cloth with grey and brown flowers) is for mum: when I saw it I've immediately recognize her style. I showed it to mum via skype and she liked it (I know my mum very well).

These are my favourite:

At the market I purchased some old bottons, too, probably realized in the 80s.
I'm hesitant: save them for me or sell them in the supplies section of my shop? Uhm, hard question!

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  1. 50 cents!!!!what a fortune, here I will never find something like this:-D
    nice job!!!!


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