Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A zine about collage by Tattered Edge

It's time to talk again about zines' world!
I love this form of self-expression!

Recently I've purchased two mini-zines written by a canadian girl (Lelainia) who runs an Etsy shop called "Tattered edge".
One of them, "Collage and composition", was in my birthday wish-list. I started to be interested in collage this spring, but I was a bit confused about how to start and what to consider when working on collages, so this little book seemed very interesting to me.
The second one I've purchased, "Tipography: art by the letters", captured my attention because I like fonts and everything is typography-related. So I added it to my cart and paid.

I quickly received them in a beautiful recycled envelope, made of a folded magazine page (probably a magazine about art). On the back I found amazing canadian stamps with two of my favourite animals, butterfly and dragonfly (do you remember my recent love for stamps?).

Both the zines were packed in a plastic envelope. Lelainia sent me also a little gift I'll try to use in my future collages for sure!

"Collage and composition" is my favourite. It is a small work of 8 pages, but it has also a cover with inner pockets with two samples of collage to watch carefully. It's a simple and clear text, parted in five chapters ("Scale", "Color value", "Texture and depth", "Creating the layout", "Finishing touches"); the chapter about colors is my favourite.

If you are interested in Lelainia's work you can also read her blog.

And now, please, help me: can you explain me why I'm so scared by making a collage?
Have you links of tutorials or ispirations about this art to share with me?
Probably I already know the solution: I have only to try and follow what my creativity suggests me. I know, I know.


  1. no hints for collage but love the zines <3 and yes you must just go and create, fearless and brave :P

  2. Cool zines, now on my wish list too. Maybe it's because you want to use those bits of precious paper you've been saving? It's scary to use those, try making a collage of torn papers from the "trash"...


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