Monday, 1 August 2011

I love goats

Do you like goats?
I do.
My boyfriend's dad is a sheepherd. He is 79 years old and he wakes up every night at 4.00 a.m. (four!) to go to his goats and spends the whole day for them (in summer he comes back home at 7.00 p.m.). What a hard life!
This is his herd in a field my boyfriend owns. Near this field there are his orange trees.

I really like this kind of goats with white hair and black heads. But I like all kind of goats, because they are clever and brave, wiser and cleaner than sheeps, funny in their ability in eating everything they find.

I also like other farm's animals, like donkey and ducks. Donkey is so beautiful, strong and wise! Dark brown donkey we have here in Italy is my favourite. Ducks, well... they are so funny! :)
S., instead, loves horses and he can "drive" them. I hope he will have the time soon to go to a trip on a beautiful horse; he will be happy for sure, I know him!

And you?
What animals of the farm you like best?


  1. carineee *__* i like pigs - i know everybody think pigs are dirty but they're so cute and funny, and one of my most cherished childhood memories is giving food to pigs while being on holiday on the country. i was amazed at how they could eat anything! XDDD and how about baby pigs? just adorable!!!

  2. I love goats too, especially those I can see on mountains!
    But with that rectangular pupils I'm not sure what thay are thinking... and that I'm also a little scared... maybe, sheep are more understandable and meek.


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