Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Etsy Italia Team for Geca Onlus

Probably my readers remember Vera.
It's a lovely girl who runs a great Etsy shop. She lives not far from my old home in the north and invited me to share a table to sell our handmade goodies last June. I consider her a new special friend, received as a gift this year.

Vera is suffering from a rare disease, the ARVC: Right Ventricular Dysplasia Cardiomyopathy, a genetic disease that causes serious cardiac problems.
You can read Vera's story here.
To help Vera and all the people who are suffering this kind of cardiac illness, Etsy Team Italy, together with all its members, has decided to start a campaign in favor of GECA ONLUS, a non-profit organization founded in Padua to support and help people affected by heredo-familial heart diseases and their families (420 families are active in carrying out programs to support research on these diseases).

From July 9 to September 9, you can buy beautiful hearts made by our team members at our charity shop: at the end of the campaign, all proceeds will be donated to the association that takes care of people suffering from this disease and supports the genetic research to fight it.

I donated a pencil case with a red heart crocheted by AuntFran in the front (sold).

There are other lovely items in the shop, handamde by talented girls of Etsy Italia Team. Please, take a look and, if you like something, don't esitate to buy: your help is important!


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