Monday, 27 June 2011

Selling my items with Vera

I had really a great time during the week end!
I spent friday and saturday evenings with Vera, a lovely girl who manages a beautiful Etsy shop.
She lives not far from me and invited me to share a table in a fair in her small village. So kind!

It was not strictly a craft fair, but a music festival: some local bands performed and near the stage you could find an outdoor restaurant and some stands with handmade items.
Really a simple but lively and funny event!
Vera brought her handmade jewelry and polimer clay creations, I brought my bags, softies and moleskine covers.
I had a lot of fun. I've sold only a bag and a seahorse in two evenings, but it doesn't matter. I've really enjoyed the music, the atmosphere (I'm really a country girl) and the people (Vera, her boyfriend, her parents and grandma).
And I've gained experience about this kind of fairs.
In the photo you can see our table. Isn't it lovely?
Vera is that beautiful girl with blonde hair, I'm the chubby one!

At the end of this experience we decided to swap: she gave me two pair of earrings and I gave her two softies.
I love Vera's style. These mother-of-pearl earrings are simply perfect for my daily casual outfits. I think i'll reserve the other pair for special events.

This is not our first swap: she made for me a beautiful set of bottons and I made her a bag last april.

I really have to thank Vera for giving me this opportunity, for her kindness and friendship. And a big thank you also to her mum (so supportive!); a special kiss to her sweet grandma!

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  1. Silvia che bel post!!! Mi fai emozionare, grazie :D
    E' stato un piacere aver condiviso questa esperienza con te :) spero faremo taaanti altri mercatini insieme!
    Grazie per tutto ♡


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