Thursday, 30 June 2011


My shop is in a romantic and retro mood this june! We (auntFran and me) are working with flowers, crochet, doilies, sweet patterns and other things of this kind.
If you are a romantic girl, this post is for you! There are three new bags in the shop.

The first one is a bike bag.
I love sewing this kind of accessories!

This one is aquamarine and white. It has two vintage bottons from my family's collection, recycled open-worked embroidery with flowers and a funny pattern with cherubs inside. Do you like it?

The second is a crocheted black bag with a metallic handle and satin lining. My aunt crocheted it, as usual, and I realized the lining.

The last one is light grey! It's a trapezoidal bag, crocheted. The peculiarity of this bag is the leather strap: my aunt brought it in a local leather shop to have it realized and fixed to the bag. Oh, and it has a cute lining with a leafy print (and there are acorns, too!).

Which bag you like best? Please, leave a comment, I really need your opinion (and my aunt, too).

And, please, forgive me for not answering to your kind comments. has a lot of problems in this period and, I don't know why, I can't write comment in my blog. I know it sounds a bit strange, but I'm honest, believe me!
And I'm really sorry, because I really like to talk with my readers! :(
If you have suggestions about how solve this problem... leave a comment. Thank you!!!

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