Friday, 1 July 2011

Scout movement, the little prince and two stamps

I usually don't write about scout movement in this blog, but it has been an important part of my life for years. As I wrote in Carina's interview, being a scout has been a positive thing for me.
Some years ago I gave up for different reasons, but scout movement is always in my heart. All my best friends had experience with me in my scout group and I'm sure this gave strenght to our friendship.
My brother has been a boy-scout, too, and my dad is a scout now :)
So you can understand that for me the motto "semel scout, semper scout" (= once scout, scout forever) is particularly true for me!
My friend Alice is still a scout. She asked me to have a stamp hand-carved by me to use with her little scout (8-11 years old) during summer camping. And I said "yes!", because I'm happy to help my group and because the subject of the stamp is ... the little prince! Yeeaah, I love this carachter!
In the photo you can see the result!
Uhm, nothing special, I know. They have a lot of imperfections, in the prince's face in particular. It was so difficult for me!
I worked for the first time in my life on an Adigraf sheet and it was easy. I made two stamps, a bit different for dimensions and style, but inspired to the same original drawing by Saint-Exupery. Then I glued them on two wood leftovers I found in our garage.
Probably I'll give them to Alice tomorrow. I don't know if she will be happy about this stamps, but I did my best.

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