Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A special gift from my friend P.

My special friend P. gave me a amazing gift last saturday.
It is a present for my 34th birthday and it came a bit in late, because P. wasn't at home in the past weeks.

He bought for me a huge quantity of art materials for fabrics and a book.

In the pack I found:
- six bottles of colors for tissues (white, black, red, yellow, blue and green)
- a black felt-tip pen usable on all kinds of fabric
- three envelopes of dye
- a book (in italian) about fabric's decoration.
It's really a cute gift!

I've decided to put all this set in a tinplate box mum gave me some days ago.
It has the right dimensions to contain even the book. It's perfect!

Now I'm looking for something to do with my gift. I have some old white doilies made by auntFran: I can paint them in another color and join them to make a funny summer bag.
A second idea is changing colors to some old clothes (I love refashion projects!).
I can paint directly on fabric to create my personal patterns. I can also use my colors on fabric with stamps.
Possibilities are endless :)

Thank you, dear P! It's really a great gift!!!

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