Sunday, 1 May 2011

Dragonfly from recycled t-shirt yarn

I love dragonflies!
I like their elegance and their colors. A lot.
I have a thing for accessories with dragonfly shapes (have you seen the buttons Vera made for me?).

So when I found (via Yersinia) a video explaining how to make a dragonfly with a string and some knots, I decided to try, using some recycled t-shirt yarn I made from old clothes last november and never used.

It seemed simple, but I had to try different times only to learn how to make the knots in the right direction. But after a few attemps... I succeded! Happy me!

In this close photo you can see some details of the knots and the yarn.
I like the color it has. I made it cutting a white t-shirt with some coloured parts, so now I have a white thread that becomes pink, red, green, blue... :)

I fixed on the wrong side a small safety pin to suspend my dragonfly on a fabric container I have above my bed. Probably it's a good idea use it as a deecorative pin for little bags and hats.

This week I want to try other decorative knots: here you can find the website of FusionKnots, with a lt of ideas, if you want to try like me!


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