Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Erasmo, a kind crocodile

Hallo! Let me introduce you a new friend: Erasmo!
He is a kind crocodile, funny and always ready to play and explore nature :)
Isn't it pretty?

I made it thanks to a pattern I've found in a japanese craft book: "Animal mascot".
It's full of great projects, but of course all text is written in japanese. Although I have a dear japanese friend who surely can help me with translation, I usually like to do all by myself: the illustrations of this book are really well done, clear and sufficient for understand all the projects.
This is my first attempt with a japanese pattern and I'm really satisfied :)
There are a lot of projects I want to try in that book! I'm in love with little horses, sheeps, penguins, cats... a lot of fun is waiting for me!

Yesterday I was so excited by Erasmo that I sketched a little portrait in my moleskine journal.
I glued a little scrap of fabric I saved from this project (I love this pattern with elephants!) and sketched the other parts of Erasmo's body with a green pen. Can I consider it a sort of rough and basic collage? I don't know, but I want to draw other scenes mixing fabrics and colors. I really like the result.

This is all I want to write today.
But tomorrow... I'll write about my giveaway winner!!! Stay tuned! :)

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