Monday, 31 January 2011

Two new bags for spring!

It's time to think that spring is coming.
Well, winter is still here, it's seems to be neverending (we had a whole cold day of snow, yesterday!).
But this is the perfect period to think to spring and to what we need (or simply desire) for the warmer season.

So I realized two handbags in cotton fabrics and listed them in my shop.
You can read a techincal description of these bags in my shop (links: the grey one and the black&white).

This is not a model designed by me (as my bags usually are). I realized them following a pattern I bought from, really well-written and rich of explicative photos (they have also a few Etsy shops, under the name "sewingwithtime"). It is the model n. 10, called "Charming tote bag".

I found interesting that, if you are not a beginner in sewing, you can buy a "sewer friendly pattern" (like I did): it's a sort of cut-down version in which you'll find only the pattern and photos of the process of making and not written explanations.
This version costs less than the original one (you save around 60%). Great! I love this idea!

I'm going to test another pattern by Ithinksew (n. 50: "Clutch bag") I bought in their Etsy shop (here). Probably tomorrow.
I have also to write about two bags I realized with my aunt Franca with leftovers of yarn, cotton and fabrics. We are so proud of them!

Let me spend some words about a thing that yesterday made me smile: I saw my pink slippers in this mosaic of WhipUp, one of my favourite craft blogs! Happy me!


  1. Hi Silivia, these bags are beautiful! You're clearly a skilled sewist.
    A lovely blog you have here. Thanks for visiting Nini Makes, it allowed me to find your lovely blog too.

  2. Thank you, joanie! :)
    I often read your beautiful blog! you give me a lot of inspirations!


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