Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fabric and yarn leftovers? Make a bag! Or two :)

I think that crafting is a great (and funny) way to work for ecology.
I'm sure that handmade process involves less waste of material than industrial process and in general a more careful use of it.
For example, look what my aunt Francesca and I have finished these week: two bags made from leftovers of cotton crochet threads, wool and cotton fabrics, two kinds of yarn. They were in very small quantity, too small to use them for new projects, but too precious to throw them away. We found a solution: mixing!

My aunt realized all the crocheted/knitted parts (she's an expert in this arts!). I realized the linings and other parts.

The first one is for my aunt. She knitted together two kinds of yarn: beige and beige with golden threads. I made the lining with some high quality wool fabric we saved from an old completed project and added a zipper.

For the second one my aunt mixed cotton threads in four different colors and crocheted them making stripes. I made the lining and fixed the bamboo handle. This one is available in my shop.

Do you like them?
I'm very happy with these projects. Two whole bags made from leftovers! Great!

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