Saturday, 29 January 2011

A gorgeous nativity from Burkina Faso

Today I want to share with you some photos of a nativity from Burkina Faso.
I know, Christmas is over, but it arrived in our home yesterday, as a gift of one of the best mum's friends.
What a special gift! I'm really in love with it!!!
As you can see, it's not in perfect conditions; some statuettes have a strange green/grey color that obfuscates the terracotta's brightness. But it does not matter.
I love the shapes, the stylized bodies, the careful decoration and the way the artist realized faces. I think it's simple and expressive at the same time. I found something similar in medieval italian sculptures (I've ever said that I have a degree in history of art?).
It's true love!


  1. Did you know that one of the reasons why I love Christmas is my collection of Nativities? I always ask for them to my friends leaving for a far away country... it all began when my mum's cousins gave me a nativity from Spain 20 years ago, and it soon began a passion for me.

    This one is very cute, perfect with all its imperfections, it's really able to tell manifold stories!! <3

  2. Mum collects nativities. I don't know how may they are, but they are a lot!
    She realizes nativities, too!
    I want to write a post about them.

    ma sai che mi sembra strano che ci parliamo in inglese? che ridere!

  3. Ahah, è vero! Ma ho il sospetto che troveremmo il modo di comunicare anche in polinesiano, io e te! :)

    Yes, please, write about her collection... and I definitely want to know everything about her way of realizing nativities, as well! My dream is to have a house big enough to keep them in display all year round. For the moment I have to put them in a box every year after Christmas time, but I usually keep one out to be able to look at it every time I want! :)


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