Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The blue tunic + some sewing links

I had in my stash a blue knitted fabric I really loved.
I bought it some years ago for a ridicolous amount of money (2-3 €, I can't remember) during a quick visit to our outdoor market.
I liked the pattern (a mix of paisley and other "asian" motivs) and the fact that it was long enought to make a long shirt or a tunic. 
Instict suggested me to buy it without reflecting too much. 
But, when at home, I realized that the fabric wasn't enough to make something with sleeves and I abandoned the project and had to wait till this september to understand how to use it.

I made this tunic:

No pattern for it.
I've literally sewn it on my body, with pins and scissors with me. I decided to take some risks and I succeeded :)

It's a sort of long cardigan with short sleeves (or a long vest?) because it is closed by little metallic snaps on the front (but the bottom slightly opens).

I still like the color, the pattern, and how it looks on me on the back. 
There's something wrong on the front, but I can't understand what. Maybe the neck-line?

My plans are to wear it in this way now that the weather is still warm and sunny (you know, mediterranean weather ... we are still wearing t-shirts and fresh clothes although october is here), and to put a t-shirt with long sleeves under it in winter (so it will look like a long vest).

Before starting it I've pondered a lot around other designs and patterns.
My intentions were to make a kimono jacket or a cocoon cardigan. So I collected a lot of free patterns, tutorials and inspirations into my "Sewing clothes" board on Pinterest. Take a glance, if you are interested.
My favourite are this cocoon cardigan (so easy to make!!!) and this kimono jacket.
But the final inspiration to make my tunic came from this design. I mixed it with a t-shirt and a shirt I have in my wardrobe (bought, not handmade) and this is the result.

I have a lot of projects about handmade clothes and refashion, but I think I'll give sewing clothes a pause (althoug I'm very tempted to sew this with long or 3/4 sleeves). 
My creativity needs to work on something different... bags, softies, crochet, wood burning, art. I don't know where to start :)

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