Friday, 31 January 2014

Put a crocheted heart on your head

S. Valentine's day is approaching... it's time for some heart-related crafts! 

I still have some of the crocheted hearts AuntFran made for me monthes ago in different bright colours. 
Two of them are fixed on my soft rabbies (fuchsia and turquoise), but others were waiting to be used in some ways!
So I decided to experiment a bit with a super quick handsewing project and I decorated two hair pins with my crocheted hearts.

Aren't they lovely for a little girl?
I'm going to give them to my little niece C. (6 years old) as S. Valentine's day gift. 

Althoug I'm not a big fan of very bright colors, I'm learning to enjoy them when they are used in little things (they don't disturb my eyes too much!).
I like them :)

My favourite hair pin is this one in turquoise, for the colour and the way it is worked:

This is the back:

I made a little hole with tiny scissors (later closed with white thread) into a scrap of white felt to insert the pin. Then I've sewn by hands the two hearts together and ... ta-daaaa! Finished! :D

Love these little projects that give me some moments of happy creativity in these super busy days for my brain!

Are you making some heart or love related?
Share it in the comments, if you like!


  1. Lovely! Hearts are always a sweet idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. These little hair decorations are so sweet and I personally adore the bright colors! But the main reason i am here is to say thank you! Over the years you have been both an inspiration and a collaborator and most importantly a friend. I am fortunate to know you. Happy Valentine's Day.


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