Thursday, 19 September 2013

A precious gift from the past

A lovely woman died some days after my dad.
She was 76 years old. Although she was 40 years older than me, we became friends, thanks to our same passion for books and art. She used to give me her magazines about museums when she had finished to read them :)
She was a lovely woman. So sweet and funny!
Her apartment was just upon AuntFran's shop, so these two women used to spend some time together almost everyday and became very close.
When she died, her relatives said to AuntFran to pick up some objects of her friend, to keep as a memory.
In her sewing basket, among other things, she found this curious beauty:
What is it? Unscrew it:

It's a traditional wooden case for needles.
AuntFran picked up it for me. She thought I would appreciate it and she was right! I love this kind of old objects and I will think to her owner (that funny and sweet old woman!) every time I'll see it in my sewing dresser.
As you can notice by the photos, I'm working on my white desk again.
Yes, I came back in Sicily saying a warm "Goodbye" to my beloved Northern Italy.

1 comment:

  1. You honor your friend. Thank you for sharing.

    And welcome back to Sicily. You always carry Northern Italy in your heart.


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