Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A carved owl from the past


Oh, that owl!
It has been sitting near the fireplace in my parent's livingroom for years and so it became almost invisible, neglected like a common part of the furniture.
But, hey, look at it!
It's special! I made it!

I carved that big-eyes owl when I was 15 (or 16) years old.
20 years ago, oh my gosh!!!
I took a class to learn how to carve wood. I was so thrilled! I worked on my masterpiece for days. I can remember everything about the process and how much I liked it.
I've also left my signature on the left of the work (I'm not sure you can see it by the photo).
Everytime I visit my parents I find this little treasures that remember me how creative I've been in the past, in my childhood and adolescence.
Do you remeber the little drawing I found last january?
Guess why I've totally abandoned my creative way after the age of 16/17.
Luckily I've put my feet in the right path as an adult. Now I try to listen to my creative voice everyday and, I'm sure you understand, I'm a happier woman :)

A curious note: I'm noticing that birds are a very common subject in my works. There are a lot of little birds in my works of the past, but also in what I make  now that I'm an adult (sewing softies, drawing, carving stamps, modeling clay)
Uhm, I need to investigate what this "symbol" means for me.

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