Saturday, 20 July 2013

News from the vegetable garden

S. and I planted a little vegetable garden at the beginning of June.
After 6 weeks (more or less) our delicate plants, thanks to love+water+sun, have grown a bit and now they are starting to show their fruits.
Can't wait to taste a tomatoe or an eggplant!
I took some photos yesterday to document this and I noticed how beautiful eggplants' flowers are, expecially photographed at dusk and a bit backlight.

There was a particular and soft light that highlighted flowers' colors and their soft down. Right light can make the difference in photography!
Then I saw the little tomatoes, still yellow:
Hope they will ripen soon, to make a tasty salad :)
Our little garden under sicilian sun:
Summer gardening and fresh fruit/vegetables home-grown are the best, for me!

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