Monday, 24 June 2013

Too early for snowflakes?

It's June, weather is hot hot hot here in Sicily and people are thinking about sea, beach, swimming suits and iced tea :)
I'm working on snowflakes.
Too early? Too odd? Yes, probably. But who can resist to hexagons and snowflakes? Not me, for sure!

I made some hexagons of cornstarch clay some weeks ago, with a little hole to hang them as Christmas decorations.

Now it's time to paint on them some snowflakes in white with a tiny paintbrush!
They are probably my favourite project with cornstarch clay. Since I'm not very fond of jewelry making I was a bit tired to make pendants and beads.
Now I found my way with this amazing material: Christmas ornaments :)
I've shaped a little star, too. Not sure about how I want to decorate it, but I like the white paint on red.
Not only embroidered stars and snowflakes in MadameRenard's world. Now they are painted, too!!! :)

1 comment:

  1. Never ever the wrong time for snowflakes!!!!

    You make your so pretty and perfect - embroidery - paint. I love snowflakes so much but when it comes to making them I am a klutz-brain!!!

    ove these!!


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