Thursday, 27 June 2013

My very first granny squares

I'm at home (my parents' home, in northern Italy) for 10 days (more or less) of holidays. I'm enjoying my family, the garden, a very fresh June (so odd for Italy!) and a lot of free time.
I'm also asking AuntFran to teach me new things.
She is a very talented knitter and crocheter and I want to learn from her as much as possible everytime I come back home.
Yesterday I started to make with her help some crocheted granny squares.
I know that there are a lot of tutorials almost everywhere (in the web or in books) to learn from, but I can't understand them very well, I need the help of an expert!
So this is my very first granny square, made of some cotton yarn Aunt Fran picked up for me:
Green + pink!
I took the photo in the garden, while I was crocheting the second one, with yarn (three different colors):
Cream + pink + avio blue : all the yarn balls are leftovers from sweaters we (mum, auntFran or me) have made in the past (do you remember this?).
I used to think that granny squares are difficult to make, but I found that they are very simple :)
I haven't a well-defined project for them, I only want to make some to use in the future. Maybe in a pillow for my craft room... I don't know.
I like their old-style look:

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  1. Funny but in the brilliant and gorgeous colors you chose for your granny squares - they are anything but looking "old style"! I especially love the green and pink! One of my favorite color combinations!

    Can you believe with all the crochet I have done this year - I have yet to make a granny square!!!

    You have learned well!!! You MUST have learned from an expert!!


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