Tuesday, 22 January 2013

One year later... I finished my violet skirt!

Last January I saw a lovely wool fabric in my favourite sewing shop here and I started to sew a skirt for me.
In March I had to admit the failure: the skirt came out so full of problems that I couldn't wear it :(

I gave up: this project stayed abandoned in a closet till last week, when I finally found the courage (and the patience!) to give it a second chance.
And after some cut-here / sew-there / rip-these-seams etc... I finished it!!! :)
I'm so proud of myself and so happy to have a new skirt for winter in my wardrobe (the unique "skirt for winter" to be honest! I'm a bad girl, I know!).

I like the fabric!
It's a bit "furry" and imitates a knitted cloth, althought it isn't.
I love the violet+grey+white+black mix in it!
It's a strong and warm fabric with wool fibers, perfect for winter, but its thickness is what probably gave me all that problems last year: I think it isn't the ideal fabric for a beginner in clothes making (I suppose starting with a simple flat fabric is the best choice!).

This a more complex skirt than the one I made in summer ("poppy skirt").

Poppy skirt is made on a super simple design: it hasn't darts, zipper and lining, but only an elastic band on the waist.
My new violet skirt is different, it has darts, closes by a zipper, has a "belt" on the waist line closed with a button and lining (in lighter violet).
A basic skirt: an A-line model for everyday outfits.
Now I know I can make this kind of skirts for me.
I've just bought a velvety fabric in a lovely sky blue to make another one! Not sure if I'll start it this winter or next year (I'm a bit busy with no-sewing things at the moment).
Finishing this one is enough for me now. I made it, I won!!! Eh eh :)

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