Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A totally unexpected gift in the mail

When I came back home last saturday I found a super lovely gift in the mail box. I opened the envelope and inside there was a beautiful handmade card:
It has a "festive" decoration made with stamps.
Love love love that Dala horse!
I immediatly recognized in it the stamp Fanie handcarved during Dala horse craft-a-long (I had the same idea but with different results).
But this card is not from Fanie but from Pam!
Lovely woman :)
She made it to send me a beautiful gift, hidden inside the card:
It's a danish woven paper basket!!! For me!!!
And in a color I really like!!!
This gift warmed my heart up and brought some joy in a quite difficult day (you know... saying goodbye to  my family, my home, my belove Po valley, travelling almost all day...).
Thank you, Pam, my friend, for your sweet gift!
I received some gifts at Christmas. Some are bought in the shops, some handmade. And in my opinion nothing is precious as a handmade gift.
This little paper basket is now in the group of my favourite Xmas gifts this year, together with this photo book and this pendant!
If you want to make one for you or for a person you love, follow Pam's tutorial!
I'm going to try this week! I'm not used to work with paper, but experimenting new crafts is always a good thing!

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a surprise to find this image on my computer screen when I popped in for a visit this morning!

    I am glad you like you little brown heart. Actually I like it it too. Those two saved calendar pages worked very well together!!

    Goos luck with learning how to make them. The first one can seem very fiddly but once you "get it" you will be whipping them together in no time at all!!!


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