Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mum and corn starch dough ("my creative family" serie)

Mum started a new creative adventure recently.
Looking for new ideas for her handmade nativities, she found tutorials about a dough made of glue and corn starch.
And she quickly became crazy about it.

Now she's making beautiful jewels (especially pendants): I received one as a Christmas gift in my favourite color (green) and I know that other girls and women in our family had some of them from mum.

But the first thing she made with this dough is a small nativity scene:

It is imperfect (the "soil" came out curve), but it's a good experiment, I think. I like it :)
Also our uncle P. liked it and... asked it as Christmas gift! So it lives in another home now! :)

Today mum taught me how to make and color this dough and I started to help her in making pendants.
I also made some tiny tiny animals (two snails, a bird, a fish) and a little house. Working with corn starch dough is amazing. It's soft, smells good and can be made in all colors you want.
Uh, and it's very strong when dried.
I'm writing other posts about this craft in these days (tomorrow? Maybe!), because I took photos of the dough-making and of all the things mum and I are making.
Hope you are interested in see them!

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