Thursday, 13 December 2012

It's Santa Lucia day!

It's one of my favourite day of the year: Santa Lucia day!
My brain today is in northern Italy, where my family lives and where the feast is celebrated in a very particular and emotional way.
I've already known that mum received a little nativity for her collection: Santa Lucia gave her this gift. Uh, ok, we are adults... dad purchased it :P
If you wanto to join us (italian and swedish people) in Santa Lucia's celebrations, this is a list of inspirations/suggestions:
- Learn new things about this feast in Italy reading my last year post in Pam's blog (and also read the post Pam wrote yesterday for scandinavian things about Santa Lucia)
- Learn new things about this feast in Sweden reading this amazing post
- Indulge in some Santa Lucia shopping: I found some cute items on Etsy like this illustration, this doll, a ceramic ornament in cobal blue, a set of paper ornaments, funny gift tags, a bracelet and more. Take a look!
- Bake some swedish lussebullar with Hanna or Saint Lucia's breaded bread
- Print and make this paper doll
- Make a paper Santa Lucia crown
- start to knit a Lucia doll or make or wood+fabric+paint Lucia dolls with PosieGetsCozy's tutorial
About me... I decided to go swedish, this year!
It's time to bake cinnamon rolls! I know, I know, Hanna said that the proper day to bake cinnamon rolls is October 4th and there are saffron buns for Santa Lucia! But cinnamon rolls' recipe appeal more to me, so I decided to give them a try!
But I hope there will be also some italian style celebrations for me: guess if my sister-in-law will invite me to eat cuccia for lunch like last year? Fingers crossed :D
(photo taken by me in Santa Lucia's cathedral in Siracusa this summer)
Feel free to write in the comments if (and how) you celebrate this feast. I'm a curious girl, but most of all I'm a Santa Lucia day enthustiast!


  1. Happy Lucia wishes to you! Have a beautiful day!

  2. A very happy Lucia day to you my friend! A wonderful post filled with inspiration and links to more Lucy goodness!

    Gingerbread! With lemon sauce! That is what i will be eating today to celebrate!!!

  3. Girls, I hope you had fun in your Santa Lucia Day.
    I had :)

    Pam, Gingerbread and lemon sauce, yummy! :)


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