Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

This is my first Christmas Eve far from home.
Last year I was at home, in northern Italy, helping mum preparing food, crafting a bit and visiting friends.
Today is a strange Christmas Eve for me, because there isn't the atmosphere I'm used to: here in Sicily there's a bright sun instead of usual cloudy and foggy sky, warm and dry air instead of cold and wet northern air.
I fell like it's not Christmas, but Easter :)
But I'm coming back home, tomorrow. I can't wait to jump in that airplane and then be at home for Christmas!!!
Although I'm far from home, I have a lot to enjoy today and to be happy for!
I have lovely decorations on my windows (bought by S):
I'm enjoying the sight of a new plant (poinsettia) received as a Xmas gift from two friends (Lidia&Arturo): it gives the perfect festive look to my Christmas corner in the (still empty) living room.
I'm spending the time getting ready for my holidays at home, tidying up the home and cooking for this evening's dinner, when we are going to be together S's parents and his sister Lucia (+ her lovely daughter and her boyfriend).
My contribute for this dinner is a special pasta with pumpkin you finish to cook in the oven:
And I'm baking also a special bread filled with cheese and speck (it has the shape of a braid! So festive! It looks like my wreath! Funny!).
My mother-in-law yesterday cooked traditional sicilian sweeties for this day:
So yummy!
Tomorrow I will be at home. My holidays will finish on January 5th. So I'm not sure to can read your blog, write on mine, answer your e-mails.
The only thing I can say is... Merry Christmas!
Enjoy your family, good food, festive moo and... see you soon!!! :)

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