Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Starting a new (and bigger!) Moleskine

I finally finished to write in my third moleskine journal.
I wrote, drew and glued a lot of thing on its pages and, new thing to me, on the cover, too. I adorned it with a sticker with my initial (given to me by a lovely little girl), a dottet tape (part of the packaging of the Xmas present by Alice) and a tiny scrap of fabric I really like. Uh, yes, and I added a dragonfly (one of my favourite animals) to the bookmark.
This moleskine journal stayed with me from March 2011 to April 2012.
I used it a lot not only to write about my days, bu also to test my handmade stamps (those with the shape of a postage stamp, Dala Horses and others) and the draw (here my favourite page, but I really like also the portait of Erasmo the crocodile).

So I finished it and it's the time to use The Little Prince Moleskine I bought last Year in may. So beautiful, so new and... so big!
I decided to go a bit over my habits and my taste for small things to try to write (and draw and glue) on a bigger surface. I wanted to evolve my style and learn something new.
So I abandoned my usual pocket size for the regular size. And I like!!! :)
Another new thing to me is that this journal hasn't my beloved squared, but it's plain. My journaling is becoming more visual day after day, and the lines started to bother me.
I've already written 4 pages, tested a new stamp (a post is coming), glued the paper of my new organic soap and the paper of a Yogi Tea filter with the quote "To know others is smart. To know yourself is wise". Do you agree?


  1. I do agree! And the bigger moleskine represents the increasing wish for wisdom...Am I right?!

  2. Uhm, yes, you are probably right! :)


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