Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ode to Ireneagh

Have you already visited Ireneagh's shop?
You should! :)
It's full of a lot of colorful art-works made by Irene, a girl who lives in the north of Italy (in the region where my family has its origins).
Recently I ordered a fridge magnet to give as a birthday gift to my friend Cristina. Isn't it lovely?

Irene made it exspressly for me following my directions and the result really satisfied me!

I'm in love with Irene's unconventional sense of color. She can match bright and different tones in a way I can't imagine to imitate.
Look for example this clay miniature (a bear!): red + pink + acid green + teal (yes, they sound so dissonant!) mixed with armony and style! Great!
What I like about Irene's shop is also the variety of items she offers (magnets, prints, miniatures, jewels...), all characterized by her style.

My (well, Cristina's) magnet came quickly to my home and it was carefully saved into this beautiful 100% handmade pack:

Excellent service! :)
The fabric bag is similar to the bags I made in april, but it has a super lovely paper tag that really makes the difference. And inside the bag I found a lot of paper hearts! Another great inspiration about packaging (do you remember Flavia's origami boxes?).


  1. Thank you so much for this feature! :)))
    I'm so happy!!! :D

  2. I LOVE Ireneagh creations! She's so talented! :D
    Maria :)

  3. Irene is a great artist! Thanks for posting a very close-up picture so to appreciate all the painting details! Great purchase :D


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