Friday, 18 May 2012

Misadventures in dressmaking (how I altered a sorbetto top)

I made this top, my second top ever!

I like it :)
It fits well on me and it's well sewn.

But I have to tell you the truth about it: my project was to sew a 'Sorbetto tank top', following the famous pattern by Colette (free download), and something went so wrong that I totally changed the design -__-
The cause of my misadventures is not in the pattern: it works great and is really well constructed. But I made some mistakes.

Firts mistake: I diligently measured myself to pick out my size, cut the pattern and basted it. And it was too big!!! Believe me: too big!
I don't know why. It's a mistery!
So I reduced its width with the help of another t-shirt I have.

Second mistake: I picked up the wrong fabric for it.
I used a light jersey (bought at the outdoor market for 2 €) with that lovely 70s print. But it was too light: the front pleat couldn't stay still in its place (even after pressing) and constantly moved in all possible directions. Poor me!!!
So I unstitched it and found a solution: two pleats only in the upper part of the top.

Uhm, not bad!
I like how the fabric gently swirls around my belly :)

After this step I realized I wasn't making a sorbetto top, but something else.
So I finished it my way: I added the sleeves (pattern here) and finished the neck line with a bias tape cut by me from the same fabric of the top.

And that's all.
Sometimes things don't go according to your plans, but the result is ok all the same. Lesson learned!



  1. You new top fits you beautifully! I love the fabric - makes me think of Art Deco somewhat - pattern and colors. The pattern is very flattering and the alterations you made are really working.

    Well done you!

    1. I'm so happy you like it!
      The fabric has been a strange choice for me (I usually wear in a very simple way and don't use complex patterns), but the colors are "mine", so I bought it!

  2. this top simply amazing!I've visited your blog and I think you've a very fresh and unique taste for colors and prints :) great work!


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