Monday, 21 May 2012

Little purses

Though in these days I'm constantly thinking about new clothes to sew for me, I had the time to finish two little purses for the shop.

The first one is the result of my recent experiments in testing new materials. Among other things, I'm working with some scraps of brown leather given to me by my friend Matteo: they are recycled from his mum's old clothes. They aren't big pieces, so I can only sew little things, like this coin purse:

The salmon fabric is recycled from a old pattern book. I'm in love with this color combo! Salmon + brown + touches of gold = love! :)

Since I like to indulge on little details, inside there is also a little hook to hold a key-ring:

The second purse I want to show you is bigger. It's a romantic cream pouch, crocheted by AuntFran, with an organic cotton lining and a zipper added by me:

I really like the stitches she used for it.

My aunt is an artist of crochet! :)


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