Thursday, 22 March 2012

Recycling cotton yarn from an ugly super cheap pullover

I'm slowly becoming a bit crazy for recycling.
My fiancè says I do odd things :)
But I'm happy when I give a new life to old and refused materials and I'm always surprised by what I can make with them.
So I go on.

Recently I went to the local market (not only vegetables and food for sale, but a lot of other things) and, as I did last dicember, I bought some cheap craft materials.
Among them... a 90s style cotton pullover for 1 €!
Too ugly to be worn again, but so big!!!
I noticed it wasn't cutted and sewn, like most of the clothes around us, but its parts have been knitted separately and then sewn together without cutting the thread.
If you have not idea of what I'm blathering about ... here a photo  of the inner seams:

You can recycle the thread of this kind of pullovers and it's what I'm doing right now.
You have to patiently remove the stitches that join the different parts of your pullover:

Then you can find the start of the thread and start to unravel:

It's a long work and I haven't finished it yet. But I'm still dreaming about what to do with all the cotton thread (cream and light blue) I'll obtain.
The thread is too thick (according to my taste) to make another pullover (I like clothes made of thin fibers).
What can I make with it?
A knitted bag for spring? Some accessories for my home?

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