Friday, 13 January 2012

Sunset over the Po Valley

My parents' home is in a small village in the middle of the the Po Valley in Italy.
It's not far from Milan, but it's located in a rural area. I have been living there for 34 years, so I think to myself as a "country girl".
I love photographing nature in the countryside around my village. You can find some photos in my Flickr album, in a folder dedicated to Lombardia (my region).

During my recent holidays there, I had the opportunity to capture an image of the Apennins seen from the valley at sunset. Nothing strange: in sunny days (expecially in winter) we can clearly see the Alpes and the Apennins. And they seem so close to us, though they are kilometers far from the valley! :)

 I love their silhouette contrasting with the wonderful colors od sunset!

The same afternoon S. and I went to visit our 85 years old aunt in a tiny tiny village in the country. Behind her home we saw this:

I love nature, I love countryside!

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  1. When a person is surrounded by so much beauty in this kind of ethereal light how can anyone not want to capture it. And you have done a beautiful job.

    These pinks and blues are my favorite sky colors. So delicate and soft.


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