Sunday, 9 October 2011

Silvia the fox :)

I meet everyday talented people by attending EtsyItaliaTeam!
Girls (and one boy, to be exact) with a real passion for creativity, taste, kindness and brains full of brilliant ideas.
Today I want to share with you what Paola (AtelierPompadour) made last week... a cute fox plush in a matchbox!

Absolutely lovely!
And... she has my name (Silvia)! :)
Paola was looking for a name to give her and I suggested (for fun) to call her like me, because ... I'm a fox (renard, in french). And Paola did it!
I'm honoured that this little handmade fox has my name.
I hope she will be adopted soon, alone or with other cute creatures in a matchbox (rabbits and mice).


  1. oh!! grazie a te Silvia per l'ispirazione!!

  2. Carino il post Silvia :D la volpe è bellissima *__*

  3. Le creature di Paola sono adorabili!!! E la volpe Silvia in particolare :)


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