Monday, 5 September 2011

Something romantic, something adventurous

A lot of sewing and finishing projects in these days!
I'm spending some holiday days in the north, at my parents' house, and I'm working (alone and/or with AuntFran) on projects I've left unfinished when I moved to south.
Yesterday and today I've photographed some of them and uploaded in my shop.
And now... I'm showing them to you :)

They are: two crocheted bags (a tote and a pouch) in cream, so romantic, and a 100% recycled bike bag (I've designed a new model) for adventurous autumnal bike trips.

Crocheted cream pouch
Available here
EDIT: this pouch has been featured in a Flickr gallere called "Fall selection" together with other beautiful items by italian Etsy shops of Etsy Italia Team. Take a look! :)

Crocheted cream tote
Available here

100% recycled bike bag
Available here

And talking about my shop... remember that, if you like something, you can apply a special coupon code I've setted to celebrate the 100th post in this blog!

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  1. Mi sono innamorata follemente della prima ^_^
    Complimentoni cara!


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