Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kai No Kuchi: a cute jewelry (or other things) box!

I'm always looking for projects for little scraps of fabric.
I (compulsively) save a lot of little pieces of fabric from my main/big projects, I have three bags for them. I don't want to waste precious materials (this is my eco-friendly side) and I want to save money (my side business-woman side :P).

Generally I use scraps for softies (they are perfect for noses, ears, legs and other little details) and I've recently started some patchwork projects.
But yesterday I found a cute idea for my little fabric scraps: make some rigid jewelry boxes called "Kai No Kuchi"!

Here you can find the tutorial.
This cute little boxes are for saving jewelry, but of course you can use them for all your precious (or not) tiny objects (maybe candies? pills? a thimble? Beads to work with while you are on the bus? Endless possibilities!)

My first Kai No Kuchi box came out pretty well. If you decide to make one for you, I have some suggestions (they come from my errors):
- cut plastic support with rounded angles or you will sting your fingers everytime you open your box (and it happens to me, believe me)
- leave a wider opnening than mine: you'll open the box easily (not like me)

Are you curious about what is in my little box?
Ok, I'll let you have a look:

This is my favourite pendant, an african mask (silver filigree) handmade in Mali. I love it!


  1. "kai-no-kuchi" means "shell's mouth" or "bocca di conchiglia" in japanese!
    your kai-no-kuchi is really cute, like a simple secret jewelry box!! :D

  2. Adorable. I love the necklace too.

    I'm studying Italian for fun. Ever since I was little I've always been interested in learning languages. I have studied German, Japanese, Mandarin and Italian to different degrees. I began with Italian years ago but then got a demanding job that left no time for hobbies. Now that I have more time I have picked it up again. Maybe we could be pen pals when I get better?


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