Monday, 21 March 2011

Spring! And art!

Radiators are off, windows are open, flowers are everywhere!
Sun, sun, sun... today I had to wear my sunglasses :)
One of my six turtles finished her hibernation on friday and yesterday she walked and ate grass in her fence. She looks happy, don't you think?
I did a lot of things outdoor, in the sun, during the week end.
I took a lot of photos of flowers in my garden, washed my bike and an african batik, some gardenind, ate a yogurt and so on.
I love spring.

Saturday after work I went to our ikea store to buy some fabrics and I bought also two white frames for a simple project I worked on in the afternoon: to frame some little printed reproductions of works of art by a local artist, Franchina Tresoldi (her website is in italian, I suggest you to start here).

I really like her work! She dedicates herself mostly to views of towns, castels and buildings of north of Italy, the italian area where I live and I really love.
I saw even a view of the castle we have in the little village where I live!
I met the artist in a fair and I noticed that her work isn't too expensive for me. Some original prints (in little format) are even cheap and I'm sure to buy some of them for my home one day.
Now I'm satisfied to have these tiny reproductions framed in two cheap ikea's accessories on my black piano.
Oh, have you notice those two dutch clogs near the frames? They are a gift from two friends of mine (P. and M., special people to me) who visited The Nederland some weeks ago. Unexpected gifts make me smile :)

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